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News on July 25, 2018

A few weeks ago, I reported that the original Wells Cargo plant in Elkhart, Indiana was being closed down and production was moving to one of the other two plants in Elkhart County. I was given the opportunity to get the final trailer built at the plant and it is sitting here on my lot right now, a nice little 5x8 serviceWagon. But, that is not the big news.

The plant was sold to another company and guess what, that company has also now bought Wells Cargo and will be moving production right back into the original plant. This is great news because the former parent company of Wells Cargo has not been doing very well for a few years, especially during this past year. Universal Trailer Corporation owned Exiss, Sooner, Featherlite, and Haulmark. In 2009, UTC aquired Wells Cargo. In early 2017, a brand new 25 million dollar plant was put into operation to build the new mass produced VG Series trailers and that began the company's financial downfall.

In addition to Wells Cargo, Haulmark has also been sold off to the same company. However, unlike how UTC operated, it is reported that Haulmark and Wells Cargo will once again do their own thing and be more like separate brands. The new plant near Bristol, Indiana has also been sold off to a different company. That spells the end of the short-lived VG Series models.

There will no doubt be a few hurdles along the way, but I am expecting good things to happen at Wells Cargo in the coming years. It sounds like it will be operated much like it was when Jeff Wells owned the company. Here is a link to a news story in a local Indiana newspaper:

UTC sells cargo group to Kaufman Trailers

Watch here for more news.

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