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News on July 3, 2018

There has been a huge lack of factory inventory for the past few months. The biggest reason is that Wells Cargo is focusing on building only "sold" units right now. With a big backlog of orders, it would not make sense to build trailers for inventory, but rather to build trailers that customers are currently waiting on. Also, it is taking a long time to get a trailer built. This long build time is affecting mostly the premium "Wagon Series" models. This is partly due to the closing of the original Elkhart manufacturing facility. With a new factory built about 13 miles away just outside of Bristol, Indiana and with another factory only about 3 miles from the new one, it no longer made sense to have 3 factories in northern Indiana. Production based out of Elkhart has been moved to Bristol. From our point of view, it is sad to see the original Elkhart facility closing down. The first 3 trailers we sold were built there back in 1966.

Production of the new VG series of trailers that was introduced a little over a year ago has been halted for a short time. The production line at the new plant is being revamped while a few design changes are taking place on these new models.

Production of the unique MPT trailers has been put on hold. We are hoping this is only temporary. Wells Cargo states it is due to a parts issue. We think it might also have something to do with the closing of the Elkhart plant where all MPT models have been built. The rising cost of aluminum might also play a part. This was not a highly profitable trailer for Wells Cargo. Yet, we still are hoping that it gets back into production.

The most popular part of this website is the trailer inventory at our location here in Lansing as well as the current in stock inventory at each of the Wells Cargo factory locations. Just click on "TRAILERS" at the top of any page or click here.

Don't forget, if you can't find the trailer you want, you can always order a trailer and have it built the way you want. Give us a call or send an email for more details.


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